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The Refresh Group’s inception was inspired by the sole purpose of delivering professional and exceptional care for the body and mind of those who seek a healthful living. Since establishing Refresh’s first outlet in 2005, offering foot reflexology and body massage, the group has extended its business to other forms of health and wellness treatment and services. From facial and beauty services, traditional Chinese medicine, aesthetic clinical services to Thai massage, its diversified solutions have benefited customers from all parts of Singapore.

Today, with five brands – Refresh Bodyworks, Refresh Day Spa, Refresh Laser Clinic, Yong Kang TCM Clinic and Thai Sanctuary – under its corporate belt, the Refresh Group boasts a total of 19 outlets and a team of passionate staff whose aim is to help you find a while new way to beauty and wellness.

The refresh brands embody the essence of quality living made accessible to everyone. We believe that living well can be achieved without living extravagantly. Thats why our health and beauty solutions are highly affordable, and our outlets are conveniently located near MRT stations and shopping malls.

Our philosophy is based on a simple belief that people should treat themselves well, and paying regular attention and care to your body is the key to achieving the perfect balance of healthy body and inner well-being.

Through the years, we have constantly improved our skills in bringing you fast, easy effective and professional health and beauty services. Every treatment performed by our staff is done with genuine care and the deepest respect for you.

At refresh we aim to improve lives, every day, one treatment at a time. We make sure that you get the extra care you deserve.

1. Refresh Group Vision/Mission

We want be the world’s most people-centric company where people go to feel good, look great and experience a sense of wholesomeness. We improve lives every day. We develop the well-being of our staff, customers and all stakeholders by providing material, physical and emotional support, and do so in a fair and transparent manner.

2. Refresh Group Brand Essence

The foundation on which our brands and services are built is summed up in the following brand essence, which represents the emotional heart and soul of who we are:

Quality living made accessible

At Refresh, we sincerely believe that health and beauty are nature’s gifts, to be shared by all rather than a select few. We care about people, wholeheartedly. In fact, we care about people so much we do not want to leave anyone behind. That’s why we make health and beauty treatments an everyday affair, accessible and affordable to all.

Whether customers are seeking alternative treatments to improve their health through traditional Chinese medicine, new ways to stay beautiful, or taking a break to be pampered by someone, we want to be there for them, caring for them and transforming their lives.

3. Brand Promise

Every customer ought to have some level of expectations in our brands. Our brand promise seeks not just to meet, but to exceed these expectations set forth by them. To us, our success is defined by bringing them the extra C.A.R.E that they deserve through:

Convenient – Conveniently located near MRTs and in shopping malls throughout Singapore, our outlets are easily accessible by our customers.

Affordable – Professional and effective treatments and solutions are made available to all at reasonable prices and promise great value for money.

Responsible – We use only FDA approved equipment, clinically-proven treatments and products that are all natural and chemical- and paraben-free.

Easy and Flexible – Our credit value can be used across multiple outlets and services, allowing our customers to make full use of the loyalty programme and enjoy a seamless experience that extends from online booking to modes of payment.

4. Brand Values

Refresh’s core value is characterised by the belief of:

Loving people genuinely and sincerely (诚信爱人)

We believe in honesty and in loving people. We preserve the spirit of honesty, love and respect for people whom we work and interact with. We are understanding, fair and approachable, placing love and respect for people at the centre of everything we do.